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Certificate in Acting Programme, 2022

The objective of the programme is to provide the participants with the basic understanding and training on acting, directing, scriptwriting and dance/musical theatre. Therefore, the programme provides all-around training including, acting on stage, television and cinema, scriptwriting and analysis, directing, movement and vocal training. The participants will have the opportunity to learn free and structured movements, posture, body flexibility and physical balance, vocal training, pronunciation, voice projection, improvisation, plotting scenes, etc.

The programme is primarily conducted by Kaushalya Fernando. Kaushalya Fernando has obtained international level training on acting and actor training, has won international awards and is acclaimed for her cinema acting. In addition, Prasanna Mahagamage, Mayura Perera and Nilanka Dahanayaka and Chamila Priyanka are resource persons in acting, directing and script analysis and development. All of them have acquired national and international level experience in actor training. Training for screen acting will be conducted by Thisara Imbulana, an emerging young film director and scriptwriter. In addition, other professional artists from specialised fields will also conduct sessions.

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Creative Activities for Children January 2022

This programme gives the child the opportunity to learn the basic of
enjoying and appreciating music, free movements, dancing and structured movements, Acting and language, singing and Art, handicrafts and puppetry.

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